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An operator's quick reference guide to managing invoices

An Operator's main tasks are managing, reviewing and sending invoices for approval.

This quick Operator's guide is designed to get you started.

  1. Log into iCompleat using your login email address and password.
IMPORTANT:  Your login email address is the email address used to access iCompleat and should not be confused with your unique iCompleat email address which ends in
  1. The iCompleatInvoice page appears.
TIP:   All new invoices are placed in the unprocessed tray.
  1. Click the tray.
  2. A list of unprocessed invoices appears.
  3. Click an invoice from the list to open it.
  4. The invoice summary page appears showing the invoice number; the invoice date; the Gross, Net, and VAT amounts; the Header information and line item(s).
TIP:   To add a note click to display the notes panel then enter and format the note text accordingly.
  1. Click
  2. The invoice appears with its corresponding header and line information displayed to the right.
TIP:   Click to return to the invoice summary page.
  1. Review the invoice header information and line item(s) and if required:
    1. Click to amend the header information.
    2. Click the line item's corresponding number to amend the line item.
NOTE:  Click if you require additional line items.
TIP:   To save time click to add a copy of the selected line item and then amend its details accordingly.
TIP:   To delete a line item click
  1. Click to save the amendments. Unsaved changes will be lost.
  2. If all the invoice details are correct, click the approval workflow button to send the invoice for approval.
NOTE:  Available approval workflows are displayed in the command bar (located at the bottom of the page) and have the prefix ‘Send to’ followed by the approval workflow button
EXAMPLE:  The approval workflow for the IT department might be labelled .
IMPORTANT:  iCompleat notifies you if any information is missing.
WARNING:   Before an invoice is sent for approval, all required amendments/additions must be included.
  1. Once an invoice is sent for approval, the invoice is placed in your tray
NOTE:  If the invoice is approved, iCompleat moves it to the tray
NOTE:  If the invoice is denied, iCompleat moves it to the tray.
  1. Click the tray to view all your invoices currently pending approval.
  2. Click the invoice to open it.
  3. Click to view the invoice and any attachments and see the approval timeline.